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1. Main objective

Constantly and consistently strive for perfection in action to meet the expectations and needs of customers by offering products and services of the highest quality.

2. StrategyStrategy

The strategic direction is to become the largest and most reliable supplier in the industry and achieve a stable position in the European and international market. We pursue our strategy by increasing trust among existing customers and by acquiring new customers and markets, taking into account corporate social responsibility in our operations.

We have corporate social responsibility included in our Integrated Management System Policy. We have recognised this responsibility as a value which contributes significantly to developing the Group at every level. For us, activities for its benefit are permanent, long-term and based on multifaceted investments in economic, social and environmental activities. We believe that they are very important for the strategy of managing the Group in a sustainable manner so as to be able to achieve the assumed goal.

3. Principles of business ethics

The principles of business ethics establish guidelines and obligations to behave properly towards and between stakeholders, in accordance with applicable law, internal regulations, taking into account partnership and balance of interests. The compliance with the principles of ethics applies to all entities associated with the Chespa Group. The principles of business ethics are to increase and maintain cooperation based on trust, as well as to prevent situations in which a potential conflict or other undesirable and prohibited practices could occur.

The compliance with them also applies to all employees of the Chespa Group, regardless of their position.

4. Policy guide:

  • corporate governance and relations with stakeholders

At the Chespa Group, corporate governance and relations with all stakeholders are based on balancing interests, cooperation, support, trust, impartiality, professionalism, respect for employees, business partners and other entities, on the reliable fulfilment of obligations assumed, on responsible behaviour, on management based on and within the limits of applicable law, compliance with internal company regulations and principles and with national and international law.

Competitors are a special group for us, which we treat as a source of motivation for the development of our Group and with which we compete on the market in an ethical manner.

It is not acceptable for either party to act illegally, impose unfavourable terms of cooperation, escalate the situation towards a conflict, act with prejudice, disclose/steal business information which is classified between the parties, create and reproduces false, unverified information, offer/accept/expect any gifts/services of significant value (going beyond those considered gifts of low value or manifestations of customary hospitality), offer/use ethically questionable services which may put the company’s image in an unfavourable light.

  • human rights

At the Chespa Group, we observe the rule that the set of rights and freedoms that every human is entitled to, regardless of race, sex, language, religion, political beliefs, national and social origin, property, etc., are inalienable and inviolable.

We act pursuant to the principle of equal opportunities and we do not discriminate against people on grounds of sex, age, disability, race, religion, nationality, political opinions, trade union membership, ethnic origin, creed, sexual orientation, as well as on grounds of fixed-term or indefinite employment or full-time or part-time work. We counteract mobbing.

Decisions on employment are made based on the business requirements and qualifications of individual candidates. At the same time, we are trying to create conditions which allow young people and new employees to start their professional careers. We encourage our employees to continuously educate and improve their qualifications and to this end we create for them appropriate conditions and opportunities of promotion.

Employment takes place within and in accordance with the applicable law in all countries in which the Group’s establishments operate, and a remuneration for work resulting from a concluded contract is paid in a manner which is convenient for an employee and lawful.

At the Chespa Group, child and juvenile labour, slave labour, forced labour, including forced labour of prisoners, trafficking in human beings are not permitted. Employees are free to terminate their employment in accordance with the applicable labour legislation and are free to dispose of their documents, to associate and to select their representatives.

We reject contacts with entities that do not comply with these principles.

  • social commitment

The Chespa Group supports and participates in those activities of local communities which are aimed at providing active support to the economic, social and educational development and progress in the field of protection of the environment and cultural heritage of the region. The support provided is a manifestation of commitment to the development of local communities in which the company pursues its activities.

  • environment

At the Chespa Group, the environment is a particularly important area of sustainable development. The goal is a conscious impact on the environment. This is carried out in many ways, such as, for example: using renewable energy, reducing the environmental impact of processes and investments, working on new products taking into account environmental protection, reducing water consumption. Particular emphasis and supervision on the part of the Group’s Management Board will be placed on two areas. The first is the circular economy aimed at minimising the amount of waste (through its reuse) and thus the waste of natural resources. The other is the implementation of ecological controlling, which will have an impact on business decisions. In view of the special treatment of this area, the Chespa Group implemented and improves the ISO 14001 standard.

  • occupational hygiene and safety

The Chespa Group places particular emphasis on a safe and ergonomic working environment. We make every effort to avoid risks related to the work performed and during the stay of our visitors in our company. Working conditions are continuously monitored and improved. We put emphasis on continuous training of employees in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, including the ability to act in the event of an emergency. In view of the special treatment of this area, the Chespa Group implemented and improves the ISO 45001 standard.


Chorula, 11.04.2022