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Chespa Group operates in the printing industry in domestic and international markets.  The Group’s activities consist of designing, manufacturing, marketing of products and services for the printing industry.

The Group’s principal objectives are:

Constantly and consistently strive for perfection in action to meet the expectations and needs of customers by offering products and services of the highest quality.

The strategic direction is to become the largest and most reliable supplier in the industry and achieve a stable position in the European and international market. We pursue our strategy by increasing trust among existing customers and by acquiring new customers and markets, taking into account corporate social responsibility in our operations.

The policy obliges to ensure the quality of offered products and services; safe and hygienic working conditions, including hazard elimination and risk reduction; environmental protection, including pollution prevention; meeting legal and other requirements; and to ensure production hygiene during conducted processes.

The policy is also a commitment to continuous improvement of the quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system and improvement in the area of production hygiene.

Meeting the above requirements and continuous improvement are associated with a commitment to the active participation of management and employees.

Management Board of the Chespa Group