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Stripping Tools


The conventional stripping systems is based on the use of separately fixed pins. The upper tool is made by flat steel or with wooden casing.


With the SpitPress-System pins are obsolete, which leads to shorter make-ready times. By use of crown pins also smallest parts can be stripped pinless.

SpitPress, 2-Step Guided

In addition to the above mentioned versions it is possible to guide the waste by two layers of stripping. The first step the nicks will be broken simultaneously, then the waste will be pushed through the lower plate.

SpitPress, Vacuum Supported

By a vacuum supported stripping tool you get an improved sheet guidance in the machine and you are able to produce more efficient. Especially small grammage sheets can be positioned ideally.


The StripClip system avoids waste to get back to the sheet by spring or vacuum force from stripping.

In addition there is the possibility to enforce all mentioned stripping systems by steel plates on the top and by steel or aluminum frames from the backside.